Some Positions of The Democratic Party

I read in a local community newspaper that the Attorney General of New York was leading a coalition of seventeen attorney generals around the country opposing President Trump’s third travel ban.  In this third challenge, the district court entered a nationwide preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of this ban on entry into the United States from six overwhelmingly Muslim countries.  The Attorney General of New York State, Eric Schneiderman stated, with this coalition, that the travel ban was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

I would like to address this particular action taken against the president.  It is quite clear that this is not a matter of discrimination at all. First, let me make clear I entertain no hate or hostility or racial feelings against any group in the world, whatever their race or national origin.  It is a fact however, that there have been a number of internal attacks against the citizens of our country on the basis of a small minority view in the Muslim religious cultural and political system. This is a minority and the Muslim community is largely peaceful and non-violent.  It is a fact however, that within this community, there have been a certain number of internal attacks against our citizens and this is happening worldwide. These are facts and cannot be ignored by the President. Clearly, his concern here is not discrimination but national security.  The positions of the stated attorney generals are unreasonable and essentially untrue. They choose to ignore the facts which stare them in the face.

The second point I would like to make is that Attorney General Schneiderman joined multiple attorney generals to block the citizenship question in the 2020 census.  Once again, he joins with 17 attorney generals and argues that the question on citizenship would depress the states with large immigrant populations. The President’s actions in this respect is not with respect to citizens, but non-citizens or persons illegally here.  It is not a matter of immigrants and the argument that there is a potential that would deprive communities of fair representation begs the question. A person who is illegally here and is not a citizen deprives citizens who desperately in need of that work. These legal citizens legally here could well be in significant poverty and economic difficulty and the issue is not immigrants but illegal immigrants.  No one can argue that a person who is in violation of the law, obtains education, and takes jobs from our legal residents deserves any particular consideration. The question on citizenship is pertinent and the argument that it is anti-immigrant confuses the issue when the issue is illegal immigration.

There is no discrimination here and so, this multi-state lawsuit addressed to this question on the census is somewhat unbelievable since the state attorney generals are essentially endorsing illegal actions and illegal presence of persons who although may need jobs and education, serve to undermine and prevent our legal residents from obtaining education and work.  In short, the use of the term “discrimination” here is a mask and screen and an attempt to hide the truth. Persons who oppose the travel ban of the president put at risk the lives of their fellow citizens and those who support illegality and persons illegally here, undermine and harm poverty-stricken sections of the population, black, Latino and poor white.

If these things are the platform and position of the Democratic Party, they are simply in my view not presenting or serving the interests of the American People, Black, White, Latino, Asian, or whatever economic sector or race or religion who go through legal channels to do what they have to do.  These same legal citizens could be deprived by illegal immigrants who the corporate sector which to have here for their low wages and no benefits. These poor groups could be prevented from obtaining employment, or at least sufficiently-paying employment and may well force these poverty-stricken groups into the military and cause the loss of their lives in their attempt to gain employment.

This blog is not meant to be an offense or prejudice but meant to state facts, the reality and the truth which the Democratic Party is determined to hide and manipulate.  To oppose the travel ban is to compromise the lives of American citizens and to permit illegal immigrants to obtain employment merely because corporate America likes cheap labor and no benefits cannot be an argument for allowing illegal immigration.