President Trump – Is He a Fascist?

A few days ago, I had a conversation in the course of my work with a gentleman whose views like everyone’s I would respect stated that President Trump was a fascist.  Other people have made this statement to me expressing this opinion as well. First, I think the statement is factually incorrect since the President’s economic policies have resulted in jobs and prosperity for all Americans regardless of race or nationality.  Second, his policy of opposing illegal immigrants, some with criminal records, is an enforcement of the law and again, seeks the provision of jobs for all races and nationalities in this country, in particular the most vulnerable, Black and Latino citizens.

In fact, the liberal ideology, as opposed to the view and statement I mentioned were expressed to me by several individuals, involves and embraces a tendency to totalitarianism and fascism that was said of President Trump.  The issue in this election, revolved around a global economic group that had obtained a kind of control over our government in the sense that the American people were being deprived of employment and there was an issue of national security. President Trump was accused of being a nationalist in the sense that he was attempting to represent solely the interests of the people of this country.  The left wing and the reason the President was elected was the feeling and view by the people that they had been abandoned and not being represented. What happened here was that there was a perception that the country was floating to anti-democratic tendencies.

This view of the left could lead to fascism.  The working class can be as elite as the wealthy.  The view that economic superiority fails to explain that Jesus was a carpenter, St. Paul a tent-maker, and the disciples fishermen.  Where the view of elitism is expressed and put into action, the result can be Marxism. In one column entitled “The Revolt of the Masses”, Mr. David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, referred to the people that elected President Trump as the masses.   That name and that thinking I object to as opposed to our system of voting equality. In that column, Mr. Brooks says the elites have pushed too hard and he seems to have some issue with what he terms the “less educated masses”. It was said of Jesus who is this man that eats with publicans and sinners.  I suggest that Mr. Brooks rethink his view of working class, less educated people as lacking and, as Hillary Clinton said, “deplorable”. Further, I suggest that Mr. Brooks and Hillary Clinton on the left seriously revise their thinking in this respect. We are a nation ruled by the people and not the elite and our people are not deplorable and dumb, whether high school graduates, elementary school graduates, or PhD’s…