BLOG: How Can We Understand the President’s Policy on Immigration?

Immigration Policy

President Trump has been criticized on the basis of his immigration policy and is said to be a racist, a nativist, a xenophobe, even an anti-Semite, and a person of prejudice against other national groups who seek entrance into this country.  

First, the president opposes illegal immigrants, possibly with criminal records and he seeks to deport some number of these individuals but not all.  Illegal immigrants are cheap labor with no benefits and, if allowed free reign in our society, it would compromise the most vulnerable and poorest groups in our system – blacks, Latinos, and poor white people.  Illegal immigration, if allowed to continue, must and will take employment from these groups and it could be that their need for employment is so desperate and significant, that they may even be forced to enter the armed forces and die on the battlefields in Afghanistan.  

The president also opposes sanctuary cities which again may bring about the same outcome and result.  This is not hate, this is not racism, this is not a position to other racial and national groups, but is an attempt to preserve and provide jobs to our citizens of all races.  The president has brought jobs significantly to all racial groups in this country. Clearly, he is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination and his opposition is to persons illegally here and his policy and suggestion (and mine) is that if a person wishes to enter this country or remain here, they must proceed through legal mechanisms.  

The policy of the Democratic Party in this respect is cheap labor, no benefits, and possibly garnering a voting majority or voting minority.  Finally, the use of the term “undocumented” is a misnomer since it hides the true status of these individuals which is illegal.